10 Things To Do When You’re Having A Rough Day

Bad days. Hard days. Rough days. We ALL have them. Sometimes there are seasons of life that they seem to appear more than we would like.  On some of those days, we handle it like a pro. Practicing our grateful attitude, staying on track and making choices that benefit us. Then there are those days that we just can’t seem to get it together.

What I’ve learned through a difficult season of my life is that we HAVE TO acknowledge where we are at and we MUST give ourselves grace during this period. Chances are the rough patch will pass and we will come through it with new growth.

So for this one particular day when you’re finding it hard to keep a positive mindset, read through this list. Pick one (or more) things and DO IT. It’s not a guarantee to fix things BUT it will give your mind a break and you will possibly find yourself just a little bit happier! 🙂

  1. Turn happy music on, loud.
  2. Let the sun from a window pour over you.
  3. Make yourself a fancy drink.
  4. Only speak in a pleasant tone. Sarcasm is OK.
  5. Take a break from social media.
  6. Laugh. A lot. Laugh really loud.
  7. Take a walk. Run outside through the sprinkler. Blow bubbles.
  8. Smile big for no reason. Even if it feels annoying.
  9. Read a story. Play with your kids.
  10. Make something. Bake. Get crafty.

I want to hear from YOU!! What things do you do when you’re having a rough day? 

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